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Here at Boston we strongly believe that in order to provide the best solution to a problem we need to fully understand and replicate it in-house. This unique approach to technical support helps us ensure that we fully understand your queries and are able to provide accurate solutions to any questions as quickly as possible.

As you can appreciate, technical support can only be as accurate as the information that we are provided with. For this reason we worked with users to design technical support forms to obtain the relevant information in order to provide accurate resolutions to all queries.

How do I get technical support?

We provide our customers with technical support via e-mail or through our dedicated support hotline.

  • E-mail our support team with details of your issue
  • Call our support hotline on +49 89 9090199-54 (available 9am - 5:30pm)


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To help our clients make informed decisions about new technologies, we have opened up our research & development facilities and actively encourage customers to try the latest platforms using their own tools and if necessary together with their existing hardware. Remote access is also available

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KI und Video Surveillance: Technologischer Fortschritt trifft auf Sicherheit

Latest Event

KI und Video Surveillance: Technologischer Fortschritt trifft auf Sicherheit | 1st - 1st October 2021, ONLINE

In unserem ersten Teil der Webcast-Serie zu Video Surveillance zeigten wir allen Teilnehmern auf, wie der aktuelle, technologische Stand auf dem Video Surveillance-Markt ist. Wir beleuchteten, ob sich bereits Standards herausgebildet haben, wie diese aussehen und welche Einsatzpotenziale es aktuell gibt.

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