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Remote access to 3D Accelerated workstations

Designed for professional 3D accelerated workloads, the Boston Roamer 1200-0 is an ultra-high-end dual-processor solution leveraging NVIDIA® GRID GPU virtualisation, that combines a classic 2U rack-mount chassis with a huge amount of compute and graphics horsepower to satisfy the demands of the most advanced workstation professionals.

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Featuring dual 2nd generation AMD EPYCTM procssesors, based on the “Zen 2” core architecture, the Roamer 1200-0 can deliver 64 cores / 128 threads while boosting the clock speed up to 3.4 GHz

It also supports 8TB of DDR4 registered memory and 128 lanes of PCIe 3.0 for expansion cards and NVMe storage. The Boston Roamer 1200-0 is an excellent platform for 3D content creation applications such as Blender, Solidworks, AutoDesk 3DS Max, AutoDesk Revit, Cinema 4D, V-Ray and many more.



Enabling Global Collaboration 

The Boston Roamer 1200-0 is an ultra-high-end dual processor solution designed for teams of professionals that need the highest performance and latest 3D acceleration technology to get their creativity to the next level. It cuts through the most complex workflows with the latest NVIDIA GRID virtualization technology powered by up to 4 double-width NVIDIA Quadro PCI-E cards with up to 32 GB of memory each. Creators can leverage between 512MB (over 256 VDI sessions) and 48GB (as a single user) of vGPU frame buffer, enabling up to 4 displays with 7680×4320 resolution.




Boston Roamer 1200-0



Our expert teams can advise on the best options for your workloads as well as providing benchmarks, integration and optimisation. Of course, a fully customised solution can be developed to match the exact needs of your applications.



Our expert teams can advise on the best options for your workloads as well as providing benchmarks, integration and optimisation. Of course, a full range of end-to-end compute, storage and networking for your applications can be discussed at the same time.

 For Purchase or Hire

Our in-house experts will work to tailor your solution for your exacting requirements; whether that's a hardware or software specification, use-case or financial restriction. The Boston Roamer 1101-10TP;and/or other systems can be leased in certain circumstances, please enquire for more information and a tailored quote.


Whether you would like to receive your solution simply with an OS or you would like your applications fully tested and integrated, we have a number of options to suit your requirements.

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The Boston Roamer 1200-0 takes advantage of Teradici PCoIP™ technology, allowing users to extend the tether of the machine of their choice to their desktop - worldwide. This solution enables an uncompromised desktop experience that makes centralised enterprise computing truly viable for both PC-based knowledge workers and workstation power users.

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