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Key Features

  • Our multi-award winning range of Igloo storage appliances can be designed, optimised and branded to meet your specific needs

  • Designed to provide excellent scalability and value for money

  • Up to 288TB in a 4U enclosure

  • Power optimisation options available to increase performance & reduce TCO

  • 10/40/56GbE, FC & InfiniBand interconnect options

  • SSD acceleration options delivering above 50,000+ IOPS

  • Storage O/S options include Datacore, Nexenta, Microsoft & Open-E®

The Igloo NXStor SBB offers a superb range of network storage features along with top performance and a remarkable expansion potential. Best of all is it delivers a fault tolerant storage cluster in a single system that's very easy to deploy and manage. Dave Mitchell, Storage Magazine


Our multi-award winning range of Igloo Storage servers offer fault-tolerant storage solutions that ensure maximum uptime, industry leading performance and value for money with no expense spared in terms of integrity, availability and security of your data.

They have been designed from the ground up to meet the ever increasing demands of today's data centre, while helping to eliminate the complexities traditionally associated with storage implementation.

Boston Igloo solutions harness technology from vendors such as DataCore, LSI, Microsoft, Nexenta and Open-E to deliver both reliability and performance for your storage infrastructure.

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Boston Igloo 2U-18T-Stor-10GSFP Dual-node


  • iSCSI SAN Cluster utilising Open-E DSS V7
  • Dual SAN Nodes in one enclosure with Active- Active high availability mirroring
  • Dual 10GbE interfaces for data mirroring
  • 18TB storage included, Online snapshots
  • Async & Synchronous Replication

Boston Igloo 2U-30T-Stor-10GSFP


  • 30TB NAS & iSCSI SAN featuring Open-E DSS V7
  • Dual SFP+ 10Gbit Ethernet Ports
  • Dual RJ45 1GBit Ethernet Ports
  • 10 x 3TB Enterprise S-ATA Disks - 30TB RAW Capacity – Approx 24TB with RAID 6
  • 2 x 100GB STEC Enterprise S-ATA SSD for Cachecade 2.0 RAID Acceleration

Igloo DC Cluster

Boston’s Igloo DC solutions are certified as being DataCore Ready, out of the box, and are based on DataCore's SANsymphony-V software defined storage virtualisation solution. The new Boston Igloo DC systems, based on hardware from leading server manufacturer Supermicro, are configured to deliver high availability and high performance to entry level SMB and enterprise organisations across Europe.

Organisations, large and mid-sized, will benefit from the performance acceleration through self-adaptive caching; automated storage tiering; unified storage to enable SAN and NAS integration; continuous data protection; snapshots; analysis tools; synchronous mirroring; replication; capacity optimization (thin provisioning); resource virtualisation; centralized SAN management, and the ability to integrate easily into existing SAN environments.

Igloo L Series

As digital media and content continues to change our lifestyle, the way we work and our need for increased storage and bandwidth continues to grow at a worrying rate. Storage needs have far exceeded expectations and clients are now looking for reliable storage solutions that offer genuine scalable performance without compromising large bandwidth applications and high performance compute clusters.

For more information on our Igloo L Series offerings, please download our datasheet.

Igloo NXStor

The innovative Igloo NXStor SBB is a fully redundant, fault-tolerant, high-availability Storage Cluster "in-a-box".

The Igloo NXStor SBB supports up to 16 x 3.5" hot-swap SAS/SAS2 HDDs or SSDs with the option to expand beyond 16 drives via dual 24Gb external SAS connections. For enhanced read and write performance, the Igloo NXStor SBB can incorporate multiple SSD devices for use as non-volatile read and write cache.

Based on the revolutionary ZFS file system, many previously exotic and proprietary features are now standardised and inherent to the Igloo NXStor range including, multi-parity RAID, data deduplication, unlimited snapshots, copy-on-write data resilience, online volume expansion and many more.

Igloo Syncro Series

At the heart of the Boston Igloo Syncro Series are two RAID-enabled Syncro SC controller cards from LSI, offering the foundation for a redundant server failover cluster with a JBOD for shared storage at the back end. Advanced enterprise storage features are available courtesy of Windows Storage Server 2012, bringing technologies such as deduplication, compression, and snapshots as standard. A Supermicro dual expander SAS disk shelf acts as the shared back end data storage, eliminating the need for an extremely costly shared storage SAN implementation.

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