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Viridis Microservers

The Boston Viridis uses the ARM® based Calxeda EnergyCore™ SoCs (Server on Chip) to create a rack mountable 2U server cluster comprising 192 processing cores leading the way towards energy efficient hyperscale computing.

The Boston Viridis is a self contained, highly extensible, 48 node ultra-low power ARM® cluster with integral high-speed interconnect and storage within a standard single 2U rack mount enclosure.


  • Ten times the performance at the same power in the same space
  • Cut energy and space by 90%
  • Easily scalable to thousands of nodes
  • 48 SoC devices delivered across 12 Calxeda EnergyCard modules

SuperFlex Blade™

Designed in partnership with Supermicro, Boston SuperFlex Blade™ brings to the industry a new dimension in blade flexibility by offering the greatest range of server technologies within a single managed enclosure.

Optimised for hybrid computing, Boston's SuperFlex Blade™ GPU blade is designed for the most demanding applications requiring high speed and high density processing with maximised GPU and CPU compute performance. The latest technologies from Intel, NVIDIA and other partners allow the SuperFlex Blade™ GPU blade to achieve phenomenal levels of heterogeneous computing power.

Blade Options

  • GPU Blade
  • PCoIP Blade
  • Twin Blade
  • Quad-CPU Blade
  • Dual-CPU Blade
  • Storage Blade

Cloud Services

Boston's Cloud Compute offering is based on Supermicro Microcloud™ and incorporates advanced software features to create an Enterprise class cloud solution featuring security, identity and access management for compliance with EU regulations in reference to where your data is held and stored.

The Boston Cloud system is effective for cloud computing, data centre, web hosting and virtualisation environments. The benefits of using Microcloud™ for your business is the ability to scale processing capabilities to mirror your requirements; saving you space, power and money.


  • High Availability Storage
  • Harboured Power on demand


Our range of 3D servers & workstations with integrated PC-over-IP™ technology hardware enables you to free up desk space and reduce costs by consolidating equipment in the datacentre or server room whilst still maintaining a rich, fully featured and GPU accelerated user experience at the desktop worldwide and remotely.

Boston's approach implements the innovative PCoIP™ protocol to encrypt and encode the entire computing experience at the host machine and transmitting "pixels only" across a standard IP network to stateless PCoIP™ Zero Clients embedded into a Samsung™ LCD monitor. The integrated PCoIP™ Zero Client decompresses and distributes video, audio, USB and data contents while preserving high performance and real-time graphics from the host.


  • Samsung™ NC240 monitor incorporating Zero Client
  • Eliminates the need for noisy and hot desktop workstations
  • Professional PNY Quadro graphics
  • Remote desktop worldwide
  • increases data protection and security

Value Series

Boston Value Servers have been designed specifically to provide a genuine range of lower cost alternatives to Tier 1 brands using the latest in server technologies whilst providing exceptional product quality and value for money.

Each platform has been designed and compatibility tested in partnership with Supermicro the industry's leading server and storage specialists. With over 18 years of working in partnership our combined expertise assure that Value Server platforms provide consistent availability, industry leading flexibility and scalable performance at an exceptionally low price point.


  • Low cost
  • High performance
  • Power optimised
  • Next-day delivery
  • Worldwide warranty options
  • Preinstalled with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation


Boston's multi award winning range of Igloo storage servers have proven to be extremely popular for companies looking for industry leading performance and value for money with no expense spared in terms of integrity, availability and security of your data.

The Boston Igloo NXStor is the latest addition to our expansive range of storage solutions based on the latest SBB (Storage Bridge Bay) industry specification. The NXStor is a high performance storage cluster in a single appliance which provides full automatic failover of two internal storage controllers with high performance SAS 2.0 (6GB/s) internal storage.

Storage Options

  • Fibre Channel SAN
  • Network Attached Storage
  • Storage Bridge Bay (SBB) - offering full automatic failover in a single appliance


Based on nVIDIA's latest generation of Tesla 20-series GPU compute processors (aka Fermi) Boston Venom GPU compute platforms provide massive amounts of parallel computational processing power whilst operating at optimal power efficiency to reduce operational costs and cooling requirements.

Designed specifically to cater for ever increasing demands within the High performance computing arena Heterogeneous computing is fully supported allowing users to harness the massive computational power made available by nVIDIA Tesla GPU's in conjunction with the latest developments in multi core processor technologies from the likes of Intel and AMD.

CUDA-Accelerated Applications

  • Oil & Gas
  • Financial computing and options pricing
  • Video, Imaging, and Vision Applications
  • Molecular Dynamics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics


Our multi award winning range of Quattro compute nodes provide unrivalled processing performance and power consumption figures that are second to none! By providing a unique combination of 4 or 2 high performance compute nodes supplied in a single enclosure sharing the same chassis and power supplies nothing competes in terms of processing density and providing unrivalled price, power and performance!

The latest six and quad core processor technologies from AMD and Intel are fully supported with even further headroom for performance provided with numerous low cost high performance connectivity options including integrated 40GB/s QDR Infiniband and 20Gb/s DDR Infiniband.

Multi-node Options

  • Two fully independent nodes in a standard 1U form factor
  • Up to four fully independent nodes in a standard 2U form factor
  • Extensive CPU options providing up to 96 CPU-cores per server

Green Power

In this day and age where many server platforms are not used anywhere near their processing potential many applications and appliances would be better placed within a low power small form factor server. Our GP (Green Power) range has been power optimised to significantly reduce the energy costs and the global impact of servers we daily use.

The latest six and quad core processor technologies from AMD and Intel are fully supported with even further headroom for performance provided with numerous low cost high performance connectivity options including integrated 40GB/s QDR Infiniband and 20Gb/s DDR Infiniband.

Ultimate Power Efficiency

  • Up to 94% power efficiency
  • Lower your TCO and carbon footprint
  • Climate Care carbon offset schemes available


The Boston Fenway range represents the industries widest range of server solutions supporting the latest generation of 10 core Intel E7 Xeon Processors (formerly known as the code name Westmere).

With full support for both 4-Way and 8-Way CPU configurations these platforms have been optimised to meet the demands of clients needing increasing amounts of processing power, large memory footprints, and higher levels of security.


  • Designed for mission-critical, high-availability computing environments
  • Ideal Platforms for high-performance, database, business applications and IT consolidation projects

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