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Companies offer joint solution that delivers the best performance density for deep learning workloads
03 June 2019    Source:

SAN JOSE, Calif. – June 3, 2019 – WekaIO, the innovation leader in high-performance, scalable file storage for data-intensive applications, today announced Supermicro, a global leader in enterprise computing, storage, networking solutions and green computing technology, is an authorized OEM partner. The Supermicro BigTwin™ Server featuring the WekaIO File System, WekaFS™, is the industry’s first and only 2U multi-node system supporting the highest performance processor, memory, storage, and I/O at an incredible 30 percent better thermal capacity with the ability to lower energy consumption in the datacenter. This appliance is an integrated, preconfigured solution that delivers unmatched performance at scale.

Supporting deep learning workloads is akin to high-performance computing (HPC), but with unique storage requirements. Because these workloads consist of billions of small files, the storage system must be able to deliver high bandwidth, low latency, and excellent metadata performance to keep the applications saturated with data. Storage for deep learning must be able to deliver low latency and high performance I/O at extreme scale—unattainable by legacy storage systems, but made possible with WekaIO’s modern NVMe-optimized, distributed and parallel file system running on Supermicro servers.

The Supermicro BigTwin Server featuring WekaFS is the platform that broke performance records on both the SPEC SFS benchmark suite, and the Virtual Institute for I/O (VI4IO) IO-500 10 Node Challenge, where it placed first among the world’s largest supercomputers.

“The BigTwin Server featuring WekaFS offering is a milestone in our relationship with Supermicro. The solution is already in use by many customers with deep learning applications and exceeding expectations for performance and value. By offering this preconfigured solution with Supermicro, we’ll be able to simplify the customers’ acquisition experience,” said Barbara Murphy, Vice President of Marketing at WekaIO.

The WekaIO File System reduces time to innovation by delivering more data to the applications that need it, faster than any other storage system. With a single namespace that spans on premises storage and the cloud, the software delivers simplified storage management and data protection. Its performance is 3x that of local file systems and 10x that of traditional NAS. With WekaIO Software, both data and metadata are distributed across the entire storage infrastructure to ensure massively parallel access. By offering the preconfigured Supermicro BigTwin Server featuring WekaFS appliance, customers receive a plug-and-play and cost-efficient system that helps extract greater value from data.

Other benefits include:

Industry leading performance: WekaFS is the world’s fastest NVMe-native file system that delivers the best performance density per U and linear performance scaling as compute nodes are added to the cluster.
Advanced data protection: The software’s distributed data protection schema with end-to-end data integrity protects data better than RAID and the snap-to-object technology enables seamless workload migration, backup, and disaster recovery use cases.
Preconfigured and fully tested: The BigTwin Server featuring WekaFS offers best-in class components, the best economics with lower energy consumption and reduced data center footprint.
Exascale capacity in a global namespace: WekaFS delivers exabytes of scale across NVMe and object storage, with billions of files managed in a single directory.

“Supermicro enables customers’ deep learning workloads with highly scalable, cost-effective enterprise-class storage solutions,” said Michael McNerney, Vice President of Marketing at Supermicro. “The BigTwin Server featuring WekaFS appliance is a great addition to our Software-Defined Storage platforms offerings and making it available as a preconfigured and fully tested appliance with a unique SKU enables the channel community to rapidly deploy industry-leading hardware and software.”

“Boston is excited to partner with WekaIO to deliver high-performance scalable storage solutions, powered by Supermicro infrastructure.” says Manoj Nayee, Managing Director, Boston Limited. “Boston carefully considers partnerships for technical excellence, capability and longevity; we have been partnering with Supermicro for over 25 years and we believe this could be a magic triangle with WekaIO and Boston.”

For more information download the Supermicro Matrix Appliance Reference Architecture.

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