Nexenta® Systems, Inc. is the market leader in open source enterprise class storage software solutions. Nexenta's passion for breaking the chains forged by legacy storage products forms their mission statement. They enable everyday apps; from the Internet of Things to Big Data; from OpenStack to Containers; and all types of Clouds; Private, Public, and Hybrid.

Why Nexenta? Their Nexenta® OpenSDS portfolio enables oragnisations to run their business securely, flexibly and cost effectively.






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Founded around an Open Source platform, Nexenta delivers its award and patent winning software-only unified storage management solutions 24x7 service and support. With limitless data storage and intelligent data management, Nexenta® SDS solutions provide you the flexibility to deploy your workloads who and where is right for your business.









Nexenta® Servers


Supermicro and Nexenta X11 Reference Architectures (RAs) are based on the powerful Supermicro 2U Ultra server as the head node and the high-density dual channel SAS3 JBODs as storage shelves.Supermicro 2U Ultra server platforms are designed for extreme performance, capacity and expandability.







A vibrant and exciting Nexenta® community is growing day by day as evidenced by thousands of downloads and hundreds of licenses sold to date. Further, Nexenta's products are being embedded into a growing set of products and solutions created and sold by hardware vendors, software developers, systems integrators, and resellers. These all contribute to Nexenta® propelling to the forefront of the open storage industry.

The Nexenta® product family




Supermicro's Total Storage Solution

Boston introduces Supermicro's Total Storage Solution. Supermicro teamed up with Nexenta to create a fully integrated new storage appliance that dramatically reduces operations and storage costs for enterprise and cloud workloads.



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Business FENWAY-Server im Einsatz: Windows Serverlösungen für Cloud und On-Premises Umgebungen


Business FENWAY-Server im Einsatz: Windows Serverlösungen für Cloud und On-Premises Umgebungen | 30th - 30th September 2022, Online

Am 30.09.2022 um 10:00 Uhr zeigen wir Ihnen in unserem nächsten Boston Tech-Update die neuesten Entwicklungen bei Boston seitens Microsoft und den Windows Serverlösungen, die für den Cloud wie auch On Premises-Bereich geeignet sind.

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