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DataCore is unique in many ways. Not the least is the makeup of our engineering team who've earned their stripes designing mainframe-class storage controllers for Amdahl and Sun. In prior years, we worked on military and commercial systems including high-fidelity simulators and task trainers along with ultra-high bandwidth systems for the Intelligence and Seismic communities.

Our forte in real-time operating systems has been applied to life-critical, high-availability nuclear power plants. You'll find us cited as inventors for massively parallel Unix servers targeted at Research & Development as well as public sector Information Technology.

During the past several years, our skills have been honed in the development and exploitation of deterministic, lightweight, multi-threaded I/O stacks for the Microsoft Windows Server kernel. More recently, we've been joined by very bright software engineers dedicated to ensuring that even the most junior system administrators will enjoy an intuitive, graphical user experience. Let's just say that we are a bunch of smart and accomplished people with a strong track record of innovation, robust product development and exceptional customer support.

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Boston Igloo 1816 DC HA
The Boston Igloo 1816 DC HA

Boston Igloo 1816 DC HA

The active / active failover configuration synchronously mirrors data using a pair of dedicated 10GbE links between two Igloo 1816 DC appliances. Utilising these links, each appliance could be located in physically separate racks, rooms or even different datacentres. This replication helps guarantee data availability and business continuity in the event of planned or unplanned downtime of either appliance, yet still delivers the performance and capacity a modern enterprise requires at a reasonable price tag.

High speed caching and auto tiering features utilise both DRAM and SSD respectively to accelerate SAN performance, whilst still utilising relatively inexpensive high capacity drives for mass storage. This simple yet effective approach comfortably delivers thousands of IOPS satisfying the most demanding applications including cloud computing, virtualisation and VDI.

Dual 10GbE interfaces on each appliance guarantee significant bandwidth for host connectivity, allowing applications to move large data sets quickly and effectively. Optional 8Gbit fibre channel connectivity is also available giving even more flexibility and deployment options.

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Am 19. September ist es endlich wieder soweit: Wir präsentieren neue Technologien und Lösungen aus unseren Labs und von unseren Partnern. Erfahren Sie, was es Neues aus der Welt der Prozessoren, Speicher-Technolgien und Rechenzentren gibt. Der Boston Technology Innovation Day 2019 findet wie gewohnt im Gutsgasthof Stangl in Neufarn bei Anzing statt. Bitte melden Sie sich rechtzeitig an, die Plätze sind wie immer begrenzt.

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