Message Intelligence Appliance

Posted on 28 April, 2020

Turn your message streams into added value

Message Intelligence is an out-of-the-box solution that filters, classifies, and routes streams of messages in real time at a massive scale.It comes as a pre-packaged software and hardware solution that can be immediately applied to high volume message streams in an enterprise environment. 

  • Quickly process high volumes of customer requests
  • Decrease the cost of processing large amounts of email
  • React to social media in real time
  • Detect fraud or compliance issues in your communications

Message Intelligence automatically sorts incoming messages based on pre-defined or custom criteria and, for example, flags them and directs them to the appropriate department. With Message Intelligence, large organizations can improve responsiveness and customer satisfaction while reducing the costs of manually processing vast amounts of incoming messages. Email or social media inquiries are classified and processed in real time based on the specific requirements of the organization. Message Intelligence can also be used to analyze messages with respect to risk and compliance regulations.




Tags: cortical io, Xilinx, AMD, Message Intelligence

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