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We are constantly creating new media to increase customer awareness of the extensive and high quality products that we have to offer. We also believe that through quality of design, you are able to better identify which products suit you best. That's why we have released numerous publications which give you a better idea on the benefits to our innovative solutions.

Please use the links below to view our wide range of the latest marketing publications which contain useful information on our solutions.


Boston Brochure - Q1 2015

Overview: Boston's newly updated corporate brochure focusses on our 20 years+ of innovation in the server, storage and workstation arena. Launched at Cloud Expo 2015, the brochure highlights the latest developments in our growing range of solutions.

Date Published: March 5th 2015

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Boston ANNA

Overview: Today's leading deep learning models typically take days to weeks to train, forcing data scientists to make compromises between accuracy and time to deployment. The Boston ANNA, features 8 x NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPU accelerators (customized configurations enable up to 10x GPU accelerators) for deep learning training, purpose-built to dramatically reduce training time.

Date Published: October 30th, 2017

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Introducting The Boston Viridis - 2012

Advert introducing the Boston Viridis in the October/November edition of scientific computing world magazine

Date Published: October 2012

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Nachhaltigkeit & Klimaneutralität – die Verkaufsargumente der Zukunft heute schon erfolgreich nutzen

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Nachhaltigkeit & Klimaneutralität – die Verkaufsargumente der Zukunft heute schon erfolgreich nutzen | 19th - 19th November 2021, ONLINE

Technologie-Sprünge machen, nachhaltig und klimaneutral: Geht das? Höher, weiter, schneller – ist nicht immer die einzige Lösung, um vorwärtszukommen. Performant, aber bewusst nachhaltig und klimaneutral sollte auch ein Argument in der IT werden. Doch wie schaffen wir den Wechsel und welche Ansätze gibt es schon heute, um langsam starten und zukünftig darauf aufbauen zu können?

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